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Candied Jalapeños & Candied Habaneros

Chocopeno Candy

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Superbowl & Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. How about trying some “MAN” candy? Bacon, candied jalapeños, chocolate, peanut butter and bacon flavored crackers, what is there not to love with this combo? This recipe is for the candy but if you would like to make a pie the instructions will continue at the bottom. You will just need to add another package of almond bark, peanut butter, bacon and candied jalapeños to continue the layering. The pie is delicious because it is nice and thick and full of yummy spicy goodness! 


2 packages of chocolate almond bark

1 1/2 jars of peanut butter

1/2 – 1 jar of candied jalapeños/candied habaneros chopped coarsely

2 sleeves of bacon flavored crackers

1/3 cup of melted butter

Hershey’s chocolate syrup

bacon-1 pound bacon cooked and crumbled OR 1 large bag of pre-cooked bacon bits


Line plate, pan or cookie sheet with waxed paper

Layer #1  1 crushed sleeve bacon flavored crackers (when using a cookie sheet use 2 sleeves). Add 1/4-1/3 cup of melted butter to crushed crackers to help hold together. Press into the pan.

Layer #2 In a double boiler or in a microwave-safe bowl melt 1 package chocolate almond bark. Add candied pepper juice until spreadable. I dropped spoonfuls of the chocolate bark over the crackers and then lightly spread with a spatula.

Layer #3 Sprinkle the bacon over top of chocolate.

Layer #4 Warm/melt the peanut butter using butter, honey or maple syrup to thin. Spread over the bacon, once agin using the spoon/spatula method used for the chocolate.

Layer #5 Sprinkle candied jalapeños/candied habaneros over the top of the peanut butter. The amount and flavor you use to your preference. The chocolate will counter some of the heat of the peppers. 

Layer #6 Drizzle chocolate syrup over the peppers.

Layer #7 Melt the other package of almond bark and spread over the syrup. 

Refrigerate until firm. Cut up into pieces and serve.

For PIE:

Use an additional amount of ingredients and continue layering in a pie dish that has been greased with butter. 

Layer #8 bacon 

Layer #9 peanut butter 

Layer #10 candied jalapeños/candied habaneros

Layer #11 bacon 

Layer #12 drizzle chocolate syrup and then cover with melted almond bark and chill until firm. ENJOY & SHARE

With special thanks to my friend Dee for sharing this recipe with us. She also said for Christmas she will take a whole bacon-flavored cracker and spread a layer of peanut butter then adds candied peppers and bacon bits. Top with another cracker then dunk it into melted white almond bark and then top cracker with chopped pieces of red and green candied jalapeños before the bark hardens for contrast at Christmas.



Author: Campbell Gardens

Located in Kansas we sell our own secret family recipe of Candied Jalapeños and Candied Habaneros at local craft shows, festivals, farmers markets, grocers and speciality shops in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. We also ship all over the USA ! Check out our web site: Our peppers all natural flavor will give any food a sweet little kick!

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